Orange Mega Sweets

There once was a cook. He liked sweets. Candy sweets to be more specific. Sure chocolate is grand, cakes are delicious, but this cook of cooks had a thing for MEGA sweets. From taffy to sucker. From lollipop to gumdrops. Sugar and more sugar was what this cook craved. Bitter sweets. But in the end he came upon the orange sweet to die for. This was the ultimate find, the golden goose of sugar heaven. Alas he had found the orange mega sweets!

It was quite the candy making process to retrieve this golden goose from the kings good man. It was an epic cook off battle. Sweet bones and sweet tears. Sweets syndrome.
Sweets recipes. And finally the sweet list:

Orange Mega Sweets List:


  • 1- Candy Corns
  • 2- Orange Slices
  • 3 – Circus Peanuts
  • 4- Orange Tootsie Rolls
  • 5 – Orange¬†Popsicle
  • 6 – Orange Soda Pop ( Crush )

There you have the list of Orange Mega Sweets!



20 Responses to Orange Mega Sweets

  1. Thomas says:

    Very interesting SEO test indeed. =)

  2. Zack says:

    I am here to buy some orange mega sweets .. please point me in the right direction.. lol

  3. trent says:

    So, did you acquire any links to this site? Or is it strictly exact match domain and content?

  4. Iain says:

    How much for a dozen orange mega sweets?

  5. James says:

    Haha this made me laugh :)

  6. body champ elliptical machine reviews says:

    This is the exact info i’m looking for, thanks! Arron

  7. naymin says:

    I tried orange mega sweet and it was delicious :) How about the domain mane with to test any idea?

  8. Does this mean EMD plus exact links always wins, or is it to short to tell?

    • Orange Mega Sweets says:

      Considering that no exact links were used it would be unfair to say yes, but my hunch is that if I used exact links then that would only increase the ranking.

      The site I link to, pestcontrolbeta, showed up on the first page at the beginning of the experiment simply because of the anchor text link.

  9. Alex says: is top here in the UK. orangemegasweets comes in second.

  10. I like your test also. Good job on sharing your experiment with SEO community mate.

  11. Interesting experiment, though an exact match domain always beats the rest, tested and proven MANY times before.

  12. Daniel says:

    orangemegasweets still on top.. do you have any comment about the last low quality EMD algo update? Thanks

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